Pruning the olive trees

The olive trees are looking a little bit bare after their annual pruning. Although olive trees are hardy plants, they need to be pruned in order to produce the best possible crop of olives.

During the pruning, which is done by hand, old and dead branches are removed. Dense areas in the tree are also thinned out. This creates a good spread of light throughout the tree, as well as encouraging the growth of longer shoots and the formation of the fruit.

Pruning olive trees can take place anytime from the Autumn to early spring, depending on factors such as the type of olive, the yield of the previous year and the condition of the tree.

The pruned branches are then collected into piles between the trees. The leaves are then either burnt, or used to produce cosmetics or complimentary health remedies.

Some branches are already showing signs of new growth....these little buds will soon become flowers.

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